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Predella - Schermo, 1962, china e cera su legno, cm 24x24
piero lerda
Senza titolo, 1978


A college course in the United States on Piero Lerda's mixed media art:
Art and History Department: McDANIEL COLLEGE (Westminster, Maryland)

This Creative Expression course is designed for both Art and non-Art majors.

Course description: Students will assemble digital photographs, images from popular culture, family albums, found objects to express strong views about themselves and the world in which we all live.

Instructional note
Like any other artistic media, Mixed Media Collage includes realistic, abstract and non-representational approaches to subject matter or lack of it. We will explore all of these. You may feel more “natural”, intuitive and expressive in one form rather than others. This is part of finding your own artistic voice and defining your manner of expression.

You will be guided through a series of exercises that encourage you to explore personal, social, political, spiritual and artistic issues. Suggested subject matter includes portraits and self portraits, figure studies, still life, land/sea/airscapes, nature, animals, architecture as well as less visible world of dreams and nightmares, hopes and fears, past and future, power, anger, betrayal and love. You will be asked to determine your stance and make it obvious in images that can be read as clearly as words. You will formulate your emerging personal style as an artist testing old boundaries and pushing into new territory as a more confident and visually literate individual.

Mc Daniel College


Bi-weekly self-assignment
Select a motivating theme or process, perhaps something introduced in class or an extension of class discussion and demonstration, or an intriguing idea discovered in your research of artists. Using your store of collected and created images, colored and textured papers, etc., create a mixed media collage in any size indicated by your materials and self expression.

Your penchant for a certain color scheme, compositional format or characteristic, and thematic passion, i.e. your emerging personal STYLE will become more clear as the semester and YOU progress as an artist. CHECK OUT the life work of Italian Mixed Media Maestro PIERO LERDA (Torino, Italy) to see how selected techniques and themes become a personal vocabulary one never tires to explore
Visit the website, see the video, and consider your own body of work as Piero Lerda’s kites dance in your imagination!

aquilone 1972
aquilone 1972

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